Come now everyone, come now!

Gather around the fire, and I will tell you ...

about sounds and music in ancient times. Did music exist long, long ago? What kind of music?

Who played?

What kinds of instruments did they have and how did they use them?


You will hear about who, what and how.

I will tell you about rituals and celebrations, warriors and kings, rich and poor, peasants, milkmaids and children.

You will see the telephones of the olden days, other tools and musical instruments for both rich and poor - and of course the children's own instruments!

That is not all! You will also  join in quizzes, dancing and more fun!

So come now ... sit down by the fire, and I willl tell you ...





This is a moment for the children. They don't care for dry terms and discussions that could be exciting for adults. Everything about "intentional sound vs. music", "sound tools vs. musical instruments", "musica vs. amusica" can be talked over in my tent later in the day.

But now - let us for a little while simply wonder about what people in the old times had in terms of music and what they might have used it for, and tell it in a way that the children can understand and enjoy!

Let us take a piece of our history that is usually hidden in meticulous academic books in dusty offices, and make it come alive and excite us!

Let the children experience that history is fun!

These performances are mainly for an audience of children between the age of five to ten. However many of the younger children also enjoy and learn from them. As of older spectators ... well ... I keep seeing young adults, grown ups and older people grin and chuckle loudly around the fireplace.

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