Historical Music Workshop

Bring whatever you have of old instruments or sound tools, and maybe even a historical song.

Togehter we will make arrangements for some of the songs with the instruments you have, and practice these.

We will talk about how music might have been in the old times, what we assume to know about it, what is likely and what isn't. We will also touch upon some of the historical sources we have to consider when we approach music like this.

If you have any special wishes or would like to try an instrument you do not already own, I have a large selection of instruments from the time of and around the viking age. If you should happen to really like one of the instruments, I can help you acquire one.

These instruments are always custom made and it might take quite a while before delivery.

You don't need a lot of experience or knowledge of music to join in, just willingness and good mood.

For prices see: booking.

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