Other exiting projects


Medieval music bursting with briskness and filled with fun!

A charismatic clever crowd who probably relish in good moods for breakfast every day. They will entertain you until you hit the sky.


A journey into the mystical, mythical univers of the runes.

Beautiful, powerful and simply fantastic!

Let the primordial force carry you to worlds you didn't know could exist.

Det ljomar av viking

Three incredibly talented young ladies who collaborate with music archeologist Gjermund Kolltveit among others, and try to recreate soundscapes as close to the viking age as possible, with instruments we know for sure that the vikings had.

Folket bortafor nordavinden

If the vikings had rock stars Benny Braaten would be the greatest of them all!

With his talented friend Gustav Holberg he stirs up excitement with roars and jangles - and they *will* rock you! With drums, jew's harps, voices, flutes and all the other old instruments that might happen to be in their pockets they are a pandemonium of entertainment and good mood!


Vibeke Koehler writes and directs fun and informative plays for children and parents about myths and legends from the viking age. You will meet warriors, musicians, gods and other exciting characters united by a prescription dose of humor and irony. You get to exercise your laughing muscles and learn at the same time.