Sverdet (The Sword)

From 2009 to 2011 the municipality of Sarpsborg staged "Sverdet", a play written by Vera Henriksen, with a long history connected to the town.

During the three yearly performances I composed the music and functioned as orchestra director.

Stage director was Erik Schøyen, and the roles were played by Kristoffer Hivju, Erik Hivju, Cici Henriksen, Axel Aubert, Patrik Stenseth, Bjørn Skagestad, Paal Schøyen, June Kristiansen, Knut Erik Rønne, Tobias Santlemann, Veronica Mittet and several others.

The musicians participating were Maria Franz, Gustav Holberg, Morten Alfheim Bakke and Tor-Egil Braaten.

The music has been released on cd and can be purchased via CDbaby

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